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Bad Day

Yesterday was one of those days that I wished I'd stayed in bed. Should have known it was going to be bad as soon as my phone plopped into the toilet (literally). From there I cut my finger on a new pair of flower clippers, had one of my overzealous students yank a new potato plant out of the ground just two weeks after it started growing, locked my house and office keys in the house in my rush to get to the cell phone store and then missed an important office email from a board member who got the wrong information about an upcoming business trip and jumped to make airline reservations with said wrong information. All this while the boss is winging his way to Denmark for two weeks leaving me no way to verify information. The only upside of yesterday was the fact that everything in one of my gardens was blooming from the flowering garlic to the Stevia to the cauliflower (still working on that one) and of course the usual blooms in the garden so I thought I'd finish this with a few bright colorful pictures to soften the news.


Update on Kitties

I found Rosco on the couch this morning. This is big, really big. He has never gotten up on any piece of furniture except for the bed in his and Suzy's bedroom. In the past if I lifted him onto the couch to sit with me he would immediately jump down. He was strictly a floor cat. Of course the couch is Suzy's place to sit so I was thinking trouble when she went to reclaim her spot. A little growl and spit and she settled down next to him (even licked the top of his head a couple of times). You could have knocked me over with that one. This is definite progress.


Lovely Scents of Spring

I was treated to two lovely scent at my gardens today. The source for each was different. At the main garden (larger one) it was orange blossoms. One of the trees in the small grove next to the garden was in full blossom. Quite heavenly. The scent at the second (smaller) garden was from the mango grove that the garden is beside. It was very pleasant and refreshing.


Close calls

I learned recently that our local beekeeper and his daughter were doing a beekeeping presentation at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL the morning of Feb 14th. Amazingly enough they packed up and left completely unaware of what would take place there just a few minutes later.


Here you go mommies - a different kind of survey for a change - it's all about your first born! Just copy and paste it in a new note for yourself!

Let's see how much you remember!
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100 Things that make me smile! (102?)

In my last post I forgot one of my favorite discoveries. It was a sculpture at the Nashville Airport. Look closely at the scales on the butterfly.
Having just gotten back from another work related trip, I have nothing to show for it in pictures. Not a big deal since it was to our state capital and all the pics would have been of meetings and political events. I decided instead to back up to early January when I visited Nashville, TN. It's still work related but the scenery is much prettier. The Gaylord Hotels are known for their unique arrangements and multi-sectional buildings. The Opryland Gaylord has a Southern theme with sections devoted to waterfalls, New Orleans (the Delta), and tropical rain forests. Arriving just after Christmas we were treated to many of the holidays lights and decorations on display. There were more colors of poinsettia than I've ever seen. I had to envy the gardeners who got to work in this place. It must be wonderful to spend all your days creating beautiful things.

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Jan. 4th, 2018

Had to turn on the heater in the office today. Please no rolling of eyes.


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