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Good deed for the day - helping a turtle across the street and back to the pond in the park.

Stupid deed for the weekend - leaving my keys in the car at the gym and having to walk 5 miles home to get the extra set and then take a couple of buses back to pickup the car. Definitely got my steps in for the weekend.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Jades Tempest. I hope the day is sunny (maybe a just a bit warmer) and filled with special surprises.


New Car

We got a new car (or new to us) after Christmas. We really needed it. Our old car has over 260'000 miles on it and is in the shop for one thing or another every couple of months. A friend of the boss' was upgrading to a larger van and selling his for practically nothing. He only wanted to get back what he recently put into it in repairs. The new van is a year younger and has over 100'000 less miles on it than our old van. It rides smoothly and doesn't even think about stopping on us. We were just considering checking with the bank to see how much of a loan we could get and what the payments would be when this offer appeared so now we drive the old van once or twice a week or when we need two cars. I am very happy. The old van will stay around until it requires a third transmission and then we will scrap it and look into a smaller everyday car for trips to work that don't require hauling stuff.



My daughter is disappointed that her area didn't get the amount of snow promised. WTH! I'd be cheering. No, I'd be relieved since I live in South FLorida and any amount of snow would be amazing and a disaster. She said that Lewiston, ME was supposed to get 3 inches an hour. She said she needed that in order to have an excuse to make soup. Who needs an excuse to make soup? I'm asking you.

Review of 2018 and goals for 2019

Can you believe it? It is already week into 2019! Where did 2018 go? 2018 had it's ups and downs, it's successes and failures but it definitely had so really good points. Roscoe, our adopted cat, has fully integrated himself into our home. He has Suzy playing with him and sharing food equally most of the time. We thought he had a problem with his teeth this year and figured he'd lose a few like our Molly but turns out he just needed a good cleaning. The family sent through a bit of tumult when we had to make the decision to move mom to a different nursing home because her original place went sky-high in fees but she made the transition quite easily and all the siblings (even my brother) agreed it was a good choice so now she has a bigger, private room with her cat, Sandy, living with her instead roaming the whole place and being a nursing home cat. She has room for more furniture and a lovely view of the gardens and even a window bird feeder to entertain her and Sandy.

My goals for last year were to do some major de-cluttering of the house, maintain my weight and improve my physical fitness. The de-cluttering fell way short with only the lesson plans being fully organized in the filing cabinet but I have been able to complete that and keep it organized on a regular basis. I maintained my weight (for a 2nd year) and ended the holidays at 171.6. Not too bad for Christmas and Thanksgiving eating. I have really worked hard on my fitness. I added a Tabata Class to my fitness routine. It is pretty high-energy but I managed it. I completed two 5K run/walks, another rock climbing session and rode a mechanical bull (4) four times at the county fair. I'm feeling really good having celebrated my 60th Birthday this year. A lot better than my 50th was, I'll say that. I'm starting to see subtle changes in my body. The measurements only changed a tiny bit but everything fits better and I look better.

This year I want to pick one de-clutter job and concentrate on that one until it is done. I'm hoping to start the painting on the kitties' room and put up my map as well. I do actually have paint samples on the wall and have decided which one I'm going with so I just have to get the paint. I'd like to do it soon while it is still cool so I can leave the cats free in the house on the day(s) I paint and be able to close out bedroom door at night.

My goals for my fitness and weight is to maintain another year and add some new core and arm exercise routines to my weekly exercise. Now that I see that despite my age I can firm stuff up I'm going to give it a try. I'll also look for opportunities to go rock climbing and participate in 5K's. I'm going to New Orleans soon and still plan to ride the mechanical bull in the cowboy bar on Bourbon Street so wish me luck.

Happy New Year to everyone at LJ.

not again!

I found another iguana in the office. I swear its the same one. He/she must like the warmer climate of the building though there is nothing for it to eat in here. I thought again about picking it up but just could get up the nerve. I cleared a path to the front door and herded it out. Th last time I saw him he was climbing a palm tree to freedom. We have got to figure out how it is getting in.

Interest of the day

Some days it is rather amusing being next to a medical center. Just had a couple of tough looking Latinos boys come into the office asking if this is where they get the drugs. Lucky for them they added something about getting tested, too and I directed them next door. Maybe I should add that to a door sign?
Has anyone seen Vigggo's new movie "Green Book'? I was thinking of going to see it.
So I know I haven't posted anything in a while and since I went to a basic account I can't do pictures but look up a green iguana and you'll know what I found in my office for the second time to past year. Don't know how he got in but he was much easier to get out as he settled by a side door that I had a key to. Open the door, chase him out from under a cabinet and iguana gone - set free back into the wild. I prefer watching them run by the front door on the outside instead of the instead.

Birthday Greetings

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to KittyRefuge


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