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Challenge Fic

Title: Is there room for me?
Author: krazykitten46(Seremala)
Pairing: Will Turner/Viggo
Warning: cross-over, first time, Elizabeth Swan bashing
Beta: The lovely and patient owlgrey All remaining mistakes are my own.
Disclaimer: This is pure fiction. It never happened. No profit is be made, just pure enjoyment.
Summary: Will makes room for Viggo or is it the other way around?

Author’s note: This is being written for the long ago challenge made by liriel1810 back in January 2010. I am determined to finish every one of them. This is the second one and there will be a third in a couple of weeks (or less). *crosses fingers*

Will pounded on the steel rod again. It wasn’t straight. It wasn’t smooth. It was rubbish like his last six attempts. He tossed it in the pile with the rest of the scrap iron. He was better than this. He was a craftsman but in the last month he had sunk to the level of beginning apprentice. It was all Elizabeth’s fault. She was always flirting with him. Finding reasons to stop by the shop.

Why wouldn’t she leave him alone?

Will started to toss his hammer onto the floor but then thought better of it. Abuse your tools and they won’t last. He ruined enough hammers as a young apprentice to last a life time. He was still paying his master back for the things he had broken in his earlier days. William was a fine blacksmith better than his master but no one would know it from the garbage he had been turning out lately.

Damn, Elizabeth Swan. Damn, the whole female species as far as William Turner was concerned. The whole lot of them could drop into the briny drink.

Will called it a night, quickly put his tools away and stowed his leather apron. He needed to get out of there. Elizabeth said she would be back tonight to see how he was doing on her father’s sword. She had ordered one for the Governor’s birthday. As far as Will could see it was just an excuse to hang around. She seem to want to supervise every step of the process when she wasn’t complaining how dirty the blacksmith shop was or how hot it was.

It was a blacksmith shop. What did she expect?

William washed his face and hands in the water barrel outside and headed for home. Home was a room over the tavern. The young blacksmith kept the tavern owner supplied with wine barrel hoops and knobs and latches and such in exchange for a tiny bed to lay his weary head on at night. It was also a refuge from Elizabeth. She would not be seen in the likes of a common tavern. The tavern’s daughter was another story. She flounced about with half her bosoms showing and drenched in that horrid lilac water. Lucky for Will the tavern stayed fairly busy in the evenings so he could easily slip into the kitchen for a bite to eat and then straight up to bed.

The crowd tonight was unusually large and very noisy. William detoured through the main room quickly. He grabbed himself a hearty bowl of stew and a hunk of bread and headed straight up to his room. His room was on the top floor situated in the far west corner. Normally he was far enough away from the clammer downstairs that it made for a time of peace and quiet but tonight he had neighbors. Noisy neighbors. That was unusual. Most customers didn’t want to make the climb to the third floor where he lived. The drunk ones would end up snoring on the stairs and then complain about the lousy bed in the morning. Tonight it was a full house. A full compliment of ships had moored in the port and every available room was taken. William was lucky to have his. More than once when rooms were at a premium he returned home to find some sailor or two sleeping in his bed. On nights like that he would bed down in the hay with the blacksmith’s donkey.

Tonight he couldn’t sleep for the racket next door and below him. After tossing and turning for an hour he growled and snatched up his blanket and climbed out onto his “patio” which was basically a flat roof. The tavern owner had considered adding more rooms to the third floor but when he realized that no one wanted to rent them he stopped leaving a flat piece of flooring. William used it when the room got too hot in summer or for nights like this. He hunkered down with his back against the building and pulled the blanket around him. It wasn’t the best of beds but it wasn’t much worse than the one he had inside.

About half way through the night a sudden shower threatened to soak him so he climbed back inside. When he stumbled to his bed he found that he was not alone. During the night the tavern owner, perhaps finding his bed empty and thinking he had bedded down elsewhere, had rented his room. There was a solid mass snoring evenly on his bed. William wasn’t up to walking all the way back to the blacksmith shop so he just curled up on the floor to get a few more hours of sleep. He would be gone in the morning before the stranger awoke and his bed would his again.

William slipped out of “his” room in the morning leaving his temporary roommate completely unaware, or so he thought. He grabbed some bread and cheese in the kitchen and headed straight back to the blacksmith barn. He had a relatively clean shirt in the barn and clean water for washing. After a quick wash, change of clothing, and a quick bit to eat he fed the donkey and hooked him up to the wheel. His master wasn’t as patient with the naturally stubborn animal so William had learned early on to take care of it before his Master arrived. It was just easier that way and it avoided the daily braying and kicking and cursing that usually resulted in the two ending up at opposite ends of the barn with the donkey’s ears laid back and his Master welding with some sharp object. It was funny the first couple of times he observed the event but when his Master threatened to skin the poor animal William volunteered to take care of the chore. Donkey really was quite a sensible animal when handled in the correct way.

With Donkey harnessed and waiting quietly for the first task, William looked over his pile of ruined metal. He mulled over whether any of it could be salvaged. He had just picked out the least worked of the pieces when the door to the smithy swung open and Elizabeth swept in, accompanied by much swishing of satin fabric and skirt hoops. She didn’t even give him a chance to offer her anything before she was complaining about having no place to sit and how dirty it was in the smithy. William rolled his eyes and attempted to quickly clear a place for her away from the heat and smoke of the fire. Elizabeth would have none of it. She insisted on seeing his progress and then yelled at him when she saw how slow the work was going. She was just about to state that she would sit right beside him until her father’s present was completed to her satisfaction when William strategically asked how the preparation for her afternoon luncheon was going. That did the trick. Elizabeth never completed the act of sitting down but instead bounced back up and hurried out talking loudly to herself about everything she needed to get done and how nothing would be done right without her there to personally supervise. Somewhere in all that William thought he heard her exclaim that she would be back to check on his progress and he had better be further along or his Master would hear about William’s incompetence. William silently congratulated himself for actually remembering that little tidbit. Usually he totally tuned her out when she rattled on about this party and that new dress.

Will sighed with great relief and plopped down on the end of the anvil. He had dodged a bullet this morning. Elizabeth would be occupied for hours. If he was lucky she would be so exhausted after the luncheon that she would have to take a much needed nap and would forget about her father’s present and William until tomorrow.

With Elizabeth out of his hair, Will went back to work on the sword. Knowing that she was most likely out of his hair for the rest of the day made all the difference in the world. He was able to concentrate more fully on the blade. He had the shaft completed by noon as well as several smaller jobs at which time he took a break for lunch and delivered the finished items. His Master came in while Will was making deliveries and by the time the younger blacksmith returned his Master was monopolizing the forge. William spent the afternoon working on his drawings for the hilt and guard in between fetching tools for his Master. His Master was entertaining a couple of young women of questionable morals which is the only time he did any actual work. The rest of the time he sat on a pile of hay in the corner and drank away a good portion of the profits.

Is it any wonder that I live in an over-sized washroom over a tavern?

His Master and his giggling companions left the smithy just an hour before sunset. Not enough time or light to put any more serious work into the hilt. William straightened the tools and bedded down Donkey for the night and headed home again. He would need to get up extra early so he could have the sword finished before Elizabeth showed up in the morning. William crossed the square and slipped in through the back door and directly into the kitchen. He snatched some dinner before anyone could object and then loped up the servant’s stairs. If he had passed through the main room the tavern keeper would have stopped him to say that his room was unavailable again tonight. Instead he was surprised by a very naked man reclining in a hot bath in the small space not taken up by his bed. William skidded to a halt in the doorway; his bowl in one hand and his clean shirt in the other. The man in the tub gazed at the young man in amusement.

“I was planning to come down for dinner after my bath but this is much better.” The man patted the bed indicating that William could place the food there. William looked confusing then resigned. It would seem that he was still without a bed. He started to leave when the older man called out. “Wait. Where are you going?” He rose from the tub and started to step out. William’s eyes widened at the sight of the first handsome male body he had seen. He had seen his Master and the other old men and sailors the young man hung out with but never had he seen such a fine specimen of maleness. It did something to his insides. He turned away in temporary embarrassment and found himself facing the wall. He had stepped further into the room than he suspected and was now trapped unable to make a discreet and hasty escape.

Before William could figure out where the door had moved to he felt gentle hands grip his shoulders. He spun around and came face to face with a pair of blue eyes the color of a raging sea storm. He thought for a second that he was in serious danger but then the corners of the eyes crinkled up and William realized that the man was either smiling or laughing. Neither of which indicated real danger. William tried to excuse himself but the man stopped him from leaving by reaching over and closing the door.

“Who are you, boy?” The man asked. His tone was not stern: he only asked a question.

“W..William T..Turner, s..sir” Will stammered. The man seemed harmless enough but looks could be deceiving and William had seen to many casual exchanges turn nasty to let his guard down, not that he was in a healthy position at the moment plastered against the wall of his bedroom with an obviously stronger older man holding him in place. The man was still naked so William had a tiny bit of advantage. If the young man could get away from the stranger and make a dash for the window it was unlikely that the man would chase him in his present unclothed state.

“Well, William Turner I suspect that the lovely stew is not for me and that you are either in the wrong room or I am.”

The man let go of the nervous blacksmith and went to retrieve his towel allowing the younger man the opportunity to escape. William didn’t move. He was fascinated by the equally beautiful rear view of the older man; the straight back with a few curious scars and the intriguing rounded buttocks and strong thighs. Will almost groaned when all that lovely flesh disappeared beneath the coarse towel. For some reason he desired to see more, to touch it, explore. The emotion must have showed on his face for the man sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned William further into the room.

“So which is it? When the young man didn’t answer the older man acquired further. “William? Is this your room?” The young man mutely nodded his head. “I see. So that was you leaving this morning. I thought I had a sneak thief.” The man slid over a bit and patted the bed again trying to coax the young man to sit down. The younger man was very attractive and the older man had been at sea for a very long time. He could use some company, attractive company was a plus.

It seemed obvious to the stranger that the young man wasn’t going to move from his spot by the door without some encouragement. “Do you think that you could get me some of that stew while I get dressed? I’ll give you some money for it.” The stranger reached for his money purse and extracted two coins. “This should be enough for some stew and a loaf of decent bread. You look like you could use more than just that single bowl of stew. “ The stranger kept his gaze steady while he held out the coins to the young man.

William broke himself out of his stupor and reached for the coins. He dropped his shirt in the process. His fingers could only hold so much. Before William could react the stranger swept the shirt up and laid it over the end of the bed.

“Off with you now, boy. Your food is going to get cold and then it may not be as tasty. Go on!” The older man took the bowl and shooed the stunned William back out the door which he found and opened with much fumbling and cursing.

William dashed back down the stairs to retrieve some more food. He moved on automatic, spooning some more stew into a wooden bowl and depositing the coins in the tavern keeper’s wife’s hand before snatching a loaf of bread and a spoon. He was halfway back up the stairs before he realized what he was doing. He was fetching food for the naked man who had taken up residence in his bedroom. He slowed when he got back to the door. What would happen after the meal. Would William have to go back to the smithy for the night. It wasn’t like he could share the room with this man. He didn’t even know him though somewhere deep inside him William wanted to know more about him. Since the man had been naked William couldn’t go by his clothes in determining his choice of career. The man had just arrived so supposedly he had come in on one of the ships or he could have traveled over land on foot or by horseback.

“Are you going to come in before that stew gets cold too?” A voice sounded through the closed door and William realized he was still standing in the hall. He quickly opened the door and entered. The man was now dressed in a full burgundy colored shirt and leather trousers. He hadn’t bothered putting on his boots for William could clearly see his bare feet where they rested on the mattress of William’s bed. The man was propped against the outside wall, his knees bent and feet flat against the bed. William’s bowl was sitting on the table next to the bed.

The man motioned for him to close the door and bring the food over. William maneuvered around the tub which took up most of the available space and set the bowl and bread down on the small table. The table was the only other furnishings in the room besides the bed and a few hooks on the wall. The iron hooks were of good quality and looked a bit out of place in the sparse room. William looked on them with pride. They were some of his own design. He had made a couple extra when the tavern keeper ordered several for the main room.

William looked around for a place to sit and eat but with the stranger sitting on his bed the options were limited. The stranger recognized the young man dilemma and surrender the bed to Will. The man settled himself on the floor and took both bowls of stew. He mixed a little of cooler stew with the new bowl that Will had just brought up. Pretty soon he had two warm bowls of stew that was ready to eat.

William inched back around the far side of the tub and clambered onto the bed. He watched from a safe distance while the man mixed the two bowls of stew and then handed him one. The man lowered himself back to the floor after tearing off a hunk of warm bread. The man didn’t wait for Will but dug into the food with the haste of a starving man. After a few moments of smacking lips and groans of approval the man paused, “I’m Viggo. It’s nice to meet you, Mr. Turner.”

“Likewise Mr....?”

“Mortensen. Viggo Mortensen.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Mortensen.”

“You don’t sound too sure about that, Mr. Turner. Does this sort of thing happen to you often?”

“What, strangers taking baths in my room?”

“So it is your room. Yes, you did say that. Is finding naked men in your room a normal occurrence?”

William blushed and ducked his head. Viggo’s words reminded him of the thoughts he had earlier upon entering the room and the older gentleman had risen from the tub. The thoughts were far from chaste nor the normal for a man to think about another. William had heard of those who enjoyed the company of their own sex and it seemed a rather sensible alternative on days that he had to endure the ups and downs of a certain infuriating female. Men were so simple. Their needs very basic. It was not such a foggy game with them not like with the fairer sex. If his Master was unhappy with his work the older man simply boxed his ears, he didn’t whine and pout and declare that Will didn’t like him.

Before William knew it his bowl and the bread plate was empty. He had apparently eaten while musing about the differences between the sexes. He also realized that he had never answered the last question. Despite that fact Viggo hadn’t resorted to pouting and complaining that William wasn’t listening to him. The older man had quietly finished his meal and then spend the rest of his time repairing a tear in one of his shirts.

William set down his bowl and cleared his throat. Viggo glanced up at him. “Finding someone in my room does happen. That person being naked, no. That would not be normal. The tavern keeper rents out my room whenever there is a shortage.”

“That doesn’t seem fair. It is your room. Don’t you pay for it?”

“Sort of. I do odd jobs and metal work for him. I’m a blacksmith.” William glanced up at the hooks on the wall.

“A good one I would think?” Viggo responded following the young man line of sight to the ornate hooks attached to the wall in a nice straight line.

“Good enough for the likes of Port Royal. Damn good one actually.”

Viggo rose from his seat on the floor and deposited his bowl on the empty bread plate. He hung his mended shirt on one of the hooks and then turned back to the young man. “Well, it seems that we have a problem. I rented this room for two more nights and you need a place to sleep. Where do you usually sleep when your room is rented? You have a girl in town?”

“No, no girl. I usually sleep in the smithy with Donkey.”

“That doesn’t sound too restful for a young man that works hard all day. Would you consider sharing it with me while I am here. I came ashore to get some solid ground beneath my feet and to gather supplies for my next voyage.”

“Share with you? Where would I sleep?”

Viggo wanted to laugh at the young man’s innocent ideals. “I don’t take up much room. I could lean against the wall and leave the rest for you. You are a slender young man so there should be plenty of room.”

“Both of us? In that bed? Together?”

“Yes, why not? Have you never slept with a man before?”


“Have you slept with anyone?”

“No.,” Will mumbled in a tone that Viggo almost missed.

“William, you have no girlfriend. Do you have a boyfriend?”

“No, of course not. That would be unnatural.”

“To whom?”

Viggo sighed and moved closer to the agitated young man. “William, have you ever felt like you didn’t understand a woman?” William laughed out loud. He certainly had. Elizabeth’s face popped into his mind. “I’d say that’s a yes.” Viggo moved an inch closer and leaned against the bottom post of the bed. “Do you find it easier to talk to men? Do they seem simpler to figure out?” William nodded and looked up at the older man. He was very masculine. William found him pleasant to look at and talk to. Viggo said everything he had been thinking lately, for quite a while if he was honest with himself. Viggo was just about to sit next to William on the bed when there was a knock on the day. Viggo turned to answer it as the young man saw his window of opportunity and jumped through it.

Viggo sighed and opened the door. The two servants who had filled the tub rushed in to empty and remove the tub. Viggo set back on the bed and let the young boys do their work. All the time hoping that William hadn’t gone too far. A quick look out the side window confirmed that William was hunched down in the dark.

Once the boys had hauled the heavy tub out into the hall, Viggo closed and locked the door. He stepped to the window and crawled out onto the landing. It was just a flat surface with no railing to prevent an unwary person from falling off in the dark. Viggo figured that William used it as a cooler sleeping area during the hottest parts of the summer. The breeze off the bay would have made this roof more comfortable than the bed inside. This must have been where William was last night until the rain had driven him inside.

Viggo leaned against the wall and stared at the stars. “At sea there is nothing to hide them. There are so many that they can’t be counted.”

William looked up at the older man. “What can’t be counted?”

“The stars. Of course they just let one know how big the world is and how alone a man can be in that big world.”

“You sail all over the world with a ship full of people. How can you be alone?”

“I don’t have someone who is just for me. Someone who I can share with.”

“I don’t have that either.”

Viggo slid down beside William. “William, I find you very easy to talk to and though I didn’t know I would meet you when my ship sailed into Port Royal I don’t want to leave without remedying that.”

William dropped his head. “Why bother? I’m just an ordinary old blacksmith and besides you’re leaving in a few days.”

Viggo reached over and tilted William’s chin up until he could see those soulful brown eyes. “There is nothing ordinary about you. You are very handsome and apparently very talented and far from a bother. I would see it as an honor to get to know you even if only for a few days.”

William’s face remained turned up toward Viggo. He closed his eyes and savored the beautiful words. He knew that the girls in town batted their eyes at him and giggled behind his back. His Master yelled at him often and called him incompetent and the old sailors at the wharf told him stories of the high seas and far off lands but none had called him handsome or wanted to hear him talk about himself. William was startled by the feel of a pair of lips pressed against his. He opened his eyes to see those stormy blues gazing back at him. The look conveyed tenderness and desire. William closed his eyes and leaned into the kiss.

Viggo curled his fingers around the young man neck and pulled him closer, his tongue moving gently back and forth on the seam of William’s soft lips. The brown eyes opened again and the lips let loose a sigh. Viggo took advantage of the movement and dove in. His tongue plunged into the warm wet cavern and rubbed against its mate. William relaxed in his arms and leaned closer until he was half on the sailor’s lap.

Viggo released the young man and pulled him up. “Let’s move this inside to a slightly softer surface.” He took William by the hand and crawled back through the window and down until the bed. He pulled William down beside him and wrapped his arms around his slim waist. Their lips met again and when the older man sucked William’s lower lip into his mouth the young man moaned softly and wiggled around trying to get closer. They kissed until breathing became more necessary than the pleasure of their connected lips. William sighed and laid his head on Viggo’s broad chest.

While the two had been kissing William’s hands gripped the older man’s shoulders. He needed something to anchor himself to the intensity of this moment, this feeling. When the kisses resumed William’s hands slid down over the broad shoulders and back stopping just at the rise of the sailor’s lower cheeks and then sunk lower.

The groping of his hind quarters brought Viggo back to reality. He didn’t want William to be ashamed of what they did come morning. He raised his head. “William? Are you sure this is what you want?” William looked up at him through his lashes. His expression was that of wonder and total innocent tinged with a touch of lust. The young man was awakening to what sexual intimacy could be. Viggo had the opportunity to guide him through the wonderful world of male sex but he doubted the young man could make a rational choice with his hormones snapping like static on a dry rug. If that bulge nudging against his thigh was any indication of William’s current condition the younger man was already beyond reason.

William didn’t answer except to pull Viggo closer and kiss the patch of skin he could reach just below Viggo’s throat. The kiss turned more urgent until William was latching onto the square of skin and sucking it into his mouth. Viggo groaned and ground his erection against the young man’s matching swell. He rolled William onto his back and pressed down on him from above. The young man pulled the sailor more squarely on top of him so he could feel their erections press together. His touches and kisses grew more frantic until he bucked up and cried out his release. Viggo held the shaking body until the young man grew quiet. He rolled to the side and pulled William into his arms.

William fought to bring his breathing under control. That was the best experience he had ever had. He had brought himself off a couple of times after hearing some of the older sailors talking about how they survive those long voyages but it was nothing like this. Sharing it with Viggo made it far more powerful. He could feel the tingle all the way down to his toes and if he wasn’t mistaken he was still hard. William never had this reaction around Elizabeth. Thinking of her shrill voice and flouncing gate usually turned him off instead of on. Thinking of what he and Viggo had just shared turn up the heat. Unconsciously he started rubbing against Viggo’s groin again. He could feel the identical hardness in Viggo’s trousers. The wetness in his breeches was uncomfortable but he could overlook it if he kept feeling like this.

Viggo could feel William’s eagerness growing again and knew it would be more comfortable for both if they shed their clothes. He ignored William’s urgent movements and reached for the hem of the young man’s shirt. He pulled up and easily relieved him of the bothersome garment. Next came his own. The feel of skin on skin was delicious but he still wanted more. He rolled William once more onto his back and undid the laces of the knee beeches. Once loosened he drew them slowly over the slender hips and down the long legs leaving William only in his small clothes.

William felt hot and flushed. He felt overdressed. He pushed desperately at the thin material until he had freed himself of the fabric. He laid back completely open to Viggo’s scrutiny, any blemish laid bare to be accepted or rejected. The older man looked at him not with disgust or disappointment but with passion.

Viggo drank in William’s naked form. He was perfect in every way. His legs long. His waist narrow. His stomach flat. The years of working the forge had molded his young body into a thing of beauty. He just hoped that this young man would feel the same when he gazed upon the sailor’s older flesh and ugly war scars. He knew he was no longer a young man but he was still fit. He hoped that would be enough for dear William. If not he would give William this special night and then let him go.

Viggo rose to his knees and untied the laces on his pants. He couldn’t get them much past his thighs without leaving the bed. With the washing tub gone there was more room for him to remove his remaining clothes. He locked his eyes with the curious brown ones staring at him from the bed and slowly lowered the leather. Just as the leather reached his calves William moved. He rolled over onto all fours and crawled toward Viggo. His intent grew more heated the closer he got. William reached out and gripped the older man’s neck and yanked him forward onto the bed. Viggo struggled to free his ankles from the leather. It wasn’t easy with William pulling him off balance. The young man’s eagerness just increased his desire. The sailor would give William the night of his life and teach him a sweet lesson about the joys that two men could find in each other.

The sailor kicked off the remaining material and followed the young man down onto the bed. He pushed the slender thighs apart and settled between them. The young man pushed up into the delicious pressure. His hands roamed down the sailor’s back until he could latch onto still firm buttocks. Will rubbed himself wantonly against Viggo. His breathing increased with each thrust of his hips. At this rate he would go off again before Viggo had a chance to find something to ease the way.

Viggo had to be the voice of reason and slow things down. He kissed William gently and stilled the frantic hips easing them back down onto the mattress. He knelt up over the young man and massaged the trembling thighs. William tried very hard to hold himself still. He had a feeling that Viggo had something special in store for him and he didn’t want to miss it. Viggo’s hand came to rest on William’s knees and pushed them slowly upward to reveal William’s most intimate spot. William groaned and reached down to hold his knees open for Viggo. Viggo looked around for something to ease the way. On the table was an oil lamp. Viggo retrieved a bit of it and rubbed it on his fingers then pressed them to the young man’s quivering hole. William gasped at the intimacy of the touch. He never thought he would allow anyone to stroke him in such a way but the he found the longing far more overwhelming. He fought with his body not to buck against Viggo’s hand but he desperately needed Viggo to continue.

Viggo gloried in William’s responsiveness. So open and eager. It is like both of them were going through this moment for the first time instead of just William. Viggo circled the hole again and dipped inside just a fraction and then back out. William gasped and lifted into the touch. Viggo circled yet again and pushed in further. He kept repeating the act until his finger has pushed all the way in. William moaned aloud with each new penetration. When his finger moved freely in the tight passage Viggo chanced a second one. The young hissed at the burn. Viggo responded to the apparent discomfort by pushing back in and curled his finger. William’s hiss of pain transformed into a cry of passion. His hips bucked instinctively at the touching of his prostate; there was no restraining them. Viggo withdrew and repeated the action. William bucked with each new manipulation of his pleasure center. His hands twisted in the blanket and his spine arched upward.

Viggo knew William was ready when he accepted a third finger and squirmed for more. Viggo leaned up and captured the trembling lips for a moment and then lined himself up and pushed forward until the head popped through the guardian muscles. William moaned and tensed at the fiery burn. Viggo kissed him again and rubbed his thumb over one erect nipple. William relaxed and Viggo pushed in a bit further. He kept touching and kissing William in different spots until he had worked his penis all the way inside. When he hit bottom he froze to let the young man adjust. William gasped at the pressure and then pushed back. That told the older man that the young blacksmith was ready. He pulled out and then pressed back in. He kept his stroke steady and sure, not pushing in too hard and not stopping.

William felt the pressure growing with each thrust but it was no longer painful. It felt very good and he wanted more, much more. He pushed up into each of Viggo’s downward strokes until they moved as one. The thrusts grew stronger quickly morphing into erratic as both men raced to their mutual completion. William grabbed Viggo’s head and plastered their mouths just as he fell over the edge. He screamed into Viggo’s mouth and went limp. Viggo pushed through two more times and then came with a deep rumbling groan. He slowed his thrusts and pulled out of the unconscious man with great care. Viggo rolled to the side and took William’s relaxed body with him. He cradled the young man until he came back to himself.

The first thing William remembered was waking in warm strong arms and a hand stroking his hair. He moaned and tried to move but his body felt heavy. He had never been so relaxed before. All he wanted to do was sleep. Light lips on his forehead and loving words in his ear lulled him into slumber. The sounds he heard were of Viggo’s declared love.

Viggo watched over the sleeping man until he too succumbed to sleep. He didn’t know what tomorrow would bring for himself and his new lover but right now he was content and he would let tomorrow take care of itself.


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Apr. 29th, 2011 07:06 pm (UTC)
Hmmm, that was sweet, hot and yummy!
I like your Will!

Wonderful hun, well done!
Apr. 30th, 2011 01:15 am (UTC)
Thank you. Glad you liked it.

I like William too. He knew how to subtly deal with Elizabeth.
Apr. 29th, 2011 11:30 pm (UTC)
I think Will's life is about to change quite drastically! *g* Maybe Governor Swann won't get quite all the curlicues his daughter might think he deserves on his sword... but Will won't be around for her to complain at!

Nice work, hon.
Apr. 30th, 2011 01:17 am (UTC)
I was thinking that too. I'm thinking that Viggo's ship is about to gain a new crew member for I don't think that Viggo would leave the dear boy to his fate.

Thank you. Glad to liked it.
Apr. 30th, 2011 10:57 am (UTC)
It was a pleasure to beta this, I enjoyed reading it first and second time:)
Apr. 30th, 2011 04:36 pm (UTC)
Thank you. It's nice to know it was enjoyable a second time too.
Apr. 30th, 2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
Nice crossover!

(Did you mean to say Diego in the summary?)

Edited at 2011-04-30 01:30 pm (UTC)
Apr. 30th, 2011 04:33 pm (UTC)
Thank you.

No, I didn't. Thank you again. I fixed it in the pairing. Forgot about the summary. Maybe subconsciously I wanted it to be Diego.
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