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snagged from Nevrland (cause it was fun)

Just how old are you?
Have you ever:

(x)Used a rotary dial telephone?
(x)Walked to the TV to change channels because there was no remote control?
(x)Ridden in a car with no seatbelts?
(x)Went to school when students didn't carry cellphones
(x)Used a pay phone in a phone booth
(x)Sat at the table with the whole family to eat at mealtime.
(x)Owned cassette tapes
(x)Wrote letters to friends and relatives by hand.
(x)Played in the dirt and survived.
(x)Had cassette player?
(x)Played jumprope games, four-square, and hopscotch because Facebook didn't exist.
(x)Turned off the TV because programming was finished for that day?
(x)Watched cartoons on Sat morning because that was the only time they were on.
(x)Looked for a book in a card catalog with real paper cards
(x)Used markers in school that could actually get you high.
(x)Know what an 8 track tape machine is
(x)Took typing on a typewriter instead of a computer.
(x)Recited the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of class.
(x)Watched live TV that wasn't in color?
(x)When mothers called to come in [after dark] you went then
( )Used a calculator that only had four functions (+-*/)
(x)Were no vending machines in school except for the teacher's lounge.
(x)Played PONG on an Atari....
(x)Your parents believed the school and your teachers
(x)Listened to AM radio stations
(x)Got to be really good at fiddling with rabbit's ears on the tv
(x)Had a microwave with dials
( )Know the difference between UHF and VHF
(x)Walk to school every day
(x)Used a dime in a pay phone.
( )Walked to a friends house.. because parents didn't believe it driving their kids everywhere.
( )Spent less than $1.00 per/gallon.
(x)Bought penny candy at the corner store
(x)Bought inserts for your 45's so you could play them on your record player?
(x)Jacks, pick-up sticks and hop scotch were your recess games
(x)Used an outhouse? Not a Port-a-Potty...a REAL outhouse
(x)Seen people smoking in a hospital?
( )Wore neon clothing
( )Had metal roller skates
(x)Big Macs?
( )Bought school supplies at the school store.
(x)Never locked the doors at night or when you went somewhere.
(x)Hand cranked ice cream? (only for fun)
(x)Used a phonograph to play records.
(x)Used a mimiograph machine instead of a copier.
( )Picked up a phone and listen before dialing because it was a party line?
( )Teachers had paddles and was not afraid to use it
(x)Remember when school started with a prayer and the Pledge?
( )Knows What A Beeper Is.. And Owned One!
(x)When calculators had Metal rollers in back that printed on paper with ribbon
(x)Remember switchboards.
( )Flushed toilet using a long chain cause water tank was place close to the sealin
(x)curfew was when you came in
(x)Been to a 7-11 when it closed at 11?
(x)Paid a quarter for an ice cold bottle of Coke.
(x)Used a key to fit your roller skates?
(x)Used a slide ruler
( )Got diary products from the dairy truck
( )Spent the night outside in a "blanket tent" in your backyard
(x)Owned only one pair of shoes (two pairs, one for Sunday).
(x)Stood in line for Polio vaccine in a sugar cube
(x)Collecte the original Garbage Pail Kids cards
( )Played Kick the Can with all the neighborhood kids.
( )Listened to the conversations on your party line.
(x)Spat in a spit sink at the dentist, and the dentist wore no goggles or gloves?
(x)Remember when McDonalds golden arches read, Over 10,000 people served
(x)Remember pay toilets at a dime
( )Wore parachute pants?
(x)Had a key to your house and was a latchkey before the age of ten
(x)Used onion skin to make a copy?
( )Ever wore a pair of Chuck Taylor hi-tops
(x)Ran software from cardboard sheets with holes punched out.
( )Had air raid drills in school
(x)Bought a coke for a dime and got 2 cents back for the bottle
( )Use an "Automatic Washer" with roller and washboard
( )Used a hole punch to make a 5 1/4 floppy double-sided
( )Owned a Betamax player
( )A Pack of Baseball Cards were 10cents
( )Ate snowcream... made with snow and sweetened condensed milk
(x)Remember when safe sex was a padded headboard.
( )Couldn't choose between the Coreys
( )Used Dial Soap with hexaclorophene
(x)My Grandparents had an outhouse
( )Know of the "rag man."
( )Had a "party Line " phone system, and ours was the 2 ring one instead of the 1 r
(x)Used Gregg Shorthand?
(x)Bought a burger, fries and a soft drink for $.37
( )Rocked "Mall hair"
( )Learned how to use a hand calculator that had "Sliders"
( )Walked behind a DDT truck so the mosquitos would leave you alone?
( )Ever Knocked A Boy out because he kissed you
(x)bought bread and milk on a sunday morning for less than a pound/dollar
( )Bought a soft drink and a Lunch Bar for 10 cents and then returned the bottle?
( )used a "slop jar"
( )Rode our bikes behind the DDT truck.
( )Taco Bell menu had nothing over 19 cent
( )Used a no-dial phone, talked with an operator & asked for a three digit number.
( )Used a hand cranked wooden wall telephone?
( )Got popcorn and coke at a major league game for 25 cents
( )Wore Banlon shirts?


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Jun. 3rd, 2011 10:47 am (UTC)
Wow, that was a walk down memory lane. *g* It's funny cause I was just talking with someone at work about the old Gestetner machines we used to use for making copies, and how much 'fun' it was trying to type a document on that blue film stuff without making a mistake! lol (was waiting for copies to come out of the printer at the time of conversation)

I totally remember getting a quarter for allowance every Saturday and you could go to the store and get a bottle of pop (soft drink), a bag of chips or an ice cream, and three penny candies (that were usually 3 for a penny!). And yeah, two cents back when you returned the bottle. *g*

I freaked elfling2 out a few months back by telling him about computers when the operating system was DOS. *g*
Jun. 3rd, 2011 06:12 pm (UTC)
I could answer most questions with yes... apart from the 'real' American ones.

Yeah, the good old days! *g*

I was watching a movie with the Little Witch last week (on video! *g*) and she suddenly said, "Why doesn't he usse his celphone?" She looked at me (I had a big grin on my face by then) Slumped back in her chair and sighed, "Oh darn, they didn't have them yet..."
*lol!* I enjoy those moments... *g*
Jun. 5th, 2011 03:41 pm (UTC)
Must do this!!! *grins*
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