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Dec. 31st, 2011

My year is review. It's been a great one. One of change and promise for a new year. It started cold with a stranding in Atlanta but fun. Seeing Rachel's first reaction to snow and playing a bit in it. Buying movies in the hotel room because of pure boredom. Now that was a first.

Then it was off to Texas for a teaching convention. I like Texas, only been there twice, but it's enough to know I like the scenery and the people. Tiny disaster, the bank changed my debt card while I was away and if it wasn't for a company credit card I would have missed out on a few things and had to skip eating on the flight back.

It was all because of the Ren-Fest that Rachel and I attended just before the that trip. I had to buy a few new pieces for my pirate wench costume and then someone stole all the receipts from one of the vendors I purchased from. Enjoyed the fair but not the aftermath. Was just thinking, who will I go with to Ren-Fest this year. That's usually a mother/daughter thing. Kinda' sad thinking about not going.

March brought a trip to Tallahassee for legislative meetings. I ended up watching the teens and getting abandoned with them. It kinda' soured me on going this coming year. Besides again Rachel will not be there to drive with me. There are probably a few other things I won't do this year because she is not there to go with me. Man, I miss her. I'm thinking about all the places and things we did together and wonder if I'll be able to do them again. Who will go to Ren-Fest with me? Who will go to the orchid garden and butterfly world with me on my birthday? I started going because Rachel wanted to go but discovered I liked these events/places too. *sighs* Another change.

April brought Master Gardener classes. The next eight weeks tried to shove as much knowledge in my brain as possible. I think some leaked back out. It was totally worth all the struggle and anxious moments especially before testing times.

May slipped in a trip to Daytona Beach. Always a good thing especially with friends. I'm already trying to figure out who I can drag back there this year. It doesn't matter if it is a conference. I love the beach. Another place I usually took Rachel. I sense a theme. Now I understand all the "last time" mentions in Rachel's year-end letter. She feels it, too.

June brought Rachel's 24th birthday and our 2nd annual trip to Butterfly World and the orchid garden. Rachel couldn't find her favorite orchid scented perfume while she was there. Maybe I can find some int Hawaii. Must start a shopping list.

The summer was fairly quiet. A respite for what would happen later. September brought DragonCon and the usual fun times of traveling, checking out antique stores, dressing up and having fun, meeting up with friends and just living in a different world for a week. I came home to my first workshop where I was pretty much in charge. That was hectic but rewarding and the committee wants to do it again so it must have been a success.

Then October came and life turned upside down. Rachel and I went to a landscaping show in Orlando and then a week later I was back in Orlando with hubbie for a convention and mini vacation. Had one day home and during it I rented a moving truck, helped Rachel pack it and got ready for our trip to Maine. I still giggle when I think about her up in the back of that truck arranging her boxes and furniture like it was a jumbo Tetris puzzle. I had no idea when Rachel got that job last Christmas that she would be gone before the next one came. We spent four days together in a truck wondering what state we were in and making sure the cats didn't get away. It quite an adventure - finding a place to stay at night (that allowed cats), checking out strange tourist spots like South of the Border, meeting with friends and staying over in my home town if just for a night. Fun times. The month ended on a sad note with a return to Atlanta for my brother-in-law's funeral.

The rest of the year was spent adjusting to a new way of living. You never realize how much a part of your life your children are until the are gone especially adult children. It's like you can finally become friends with them instead of just a parent.

My goal for last year were to lose weight, de-stress my life and write more. Well, one and of three isn't bad. I haven't lost any weight even with the Hawaii trip looming in the distance. I still get involved with too much but at least this year the stress had meaning but I did write more (a lot more). I joined the RPing community Blood Quarter and I don't mind mentioning my characters. I a werewolf called Ghost (Karl from Pathfinder) and a young new werewolf named Lucius. He has barely been introduced so far. In the last year I have been a part of 19 different stories. That just boggles the mind and there is more to come in the months and year ahead.

This year has been a time of change, adjustment and growth. It will take a bit of getting used to but I'm confident that none of it will kill me. So to the best flist in the world, thank you for your friendship and encouragement over the rough patches that have come along especially the Christmas tree incident. I can laugh about it now then well....Until next year....Aloha!


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Jan. 11th, 2012 07:04 am (UTC)
2011 was a hell of a year for you, that's for sure! I hope 2012 brings only good things and happy times. *hugs*
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