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Pairings: Orlando/Karl. Orlando/David (suggested), Eric/OF
Rating: slightly R (if dirty thoughts count)
Summary: Orlando just wants to be himself.
Disclaimer: It wasn't them but I wish it had been. Not getting a cent from this.
Banner: The fabulous, talented and patient liriel1810
Inspiration: A strange competition at Dragoncon and two gorgeous young men who obviously had more than kilts and leaf blowers on their mind.

Dragoncon! He was finally there and without David. The man just wouldn’t let him be himself. Didn’t he understand that Orlando was a free spirit? He needed to be bold and spontaneous just as much as he needed to breathe. He wasn’t meant to be caged. He wanted to wear the clothes that suited his personality and not the one that his boyfriend imposed upon him. He’d been so wrong about David. What Orlando took for love was David’s ploy to bind Orlando to him emotionally and then change him into someone that David felt was acceptable. It hurt that David would take something so precious as his love and twists it into something totally unrecognizable. It would take time to completely shed the chains that David bound about his heart but coming to this convention was a huge leap in the right direction.

Orlando hefted his heavy suitcase onto the other double bed in the hotel room he was sharing with his best friend, Eric. It was expensive having just two of them in the room but it was worth it just to be away from ex-boyfriend. Orlando had been saving that money for a new ultraconservative suit that David insisted that he needed in his wardrobe. Ironic that he was using that money to spend a totally uninhibited weekend in Atlanta wearing clothes that stuffy David would have blanched at. His ex didn’t even know that Orlando still owned some of the pieces of clothing that were packed carefully in the bulging case.

Orlando pressed down on the sides of the suitcase so he could get the zipper to slide around it. The first and second order of business was to stop whining about David and second, unpack so that his outfits wouldn’t end up all wrinkled. Nothing worse than a rumpled gay man. Once that was done he choose an outfit for the first afternoon. A simple T-shirt and jeans should be comfortable for the wait in line to get his pass for weekend. Which didn’t turn out to be nearly as long as he had been lead to believe. It seemed that those who had preregistered were so numerous that their wait was ten times longer. Though he paid more at the door than Eric did, he was through the line and back in the hotel long before his friend.

Not wanting to wander around without Eric right from the start, Orlando laid down for a bit of a nap. He had driven most of the way to Atlanta because Eric had to work late the night before and was too tired to drive. He was sound asleep when his friend returned some six hours later. Eric gently shook him awake and suggested they find dinner before the food court closed for the evening. It was a short walk through the "habitrail" tunnel from the Marriott Hotel to the Peachtree Center Mall. Eric explained that all three of the major host hotels used for Dragoncon are connected by overhead walkways and if one didn’t want to go out in the heat one didn’t have to leave the cool confines of the hotels the whole weekend.

Eric and Orlando picked out some Chinese food and ate it at one of the tables. Though the convention wouldn’t start until Friday there were already people dressed in costumes wandering about the hotel lobby and the mall. It was fun to just sit and people watch.

Later that night Eric and Orlando joined the mass of con goers converging on the bars and clubs in the upper lobby of the Marriott. It was well known that the Marriott was the place to stay and be if you wanted to party the weekend away. People congregated in an attempt to see and be seen. Eric and Orlando didn’t bother with costumes. They simply shed their t-shirts, brushed their long curls until they shown and slide in some tight jeans and combat boots. Eric supplied them with a beer and they hit the floor. As they wound their way through the crowd the pair got more then their share of appraising looks from both women and men. Orlando’s slim built and Earl’s height and chiseled bulk made a striking contrast that went over well with the crowd. The beer they came downstairs with was the last one they needed to buy that evening.

Happily buzzed Orlando made his way back upstairs to his room at 2:30. He had lost Eric at about 2:00 when the big man decided to go off with a couple of attractive blondes in skintight super hero costumes. Eric was known to swing both ways when it came to sexual partners but tonight he was only interested in someone with curves. Orlando had no interest in such things. The solid, straight lines of a man were more to his liking. A firm body was what made his blood rise…..or descend.

The next morning Orlando opened his blurry eyes to find Eric dutifully tucked in his own bed. Eric liked to sleep around but rarely stayed the night. He probably gave both of the girls a good tumble and left them sated and sleeping blissfully. He and Eric had known each other since high school. Eric was couple of years older but they gravitated to each other for protection against those who were not as thrilled by their preferences. Their friendship had grown and though they both found the other appealing physically it never moved passed the rare hug and snuggle on the couch. Orlando knew that despite Eric’s dabbling in the realm of male autonomy that he would probably marry a girl.

After a breakfast of leftover Chinese food, Eric and Orlando choose their costumes for the day. Orlando decided on a pirate look. He had tight pants and thigh-high suede boots. He threaded a bright colored scarf through the belt loops and strapped on his sword. He was going to wear a billowing white short but decided just to wear a vest and leave the rest of his chest bare. Eric’s pirate outfit was bit more formal complete with a shirt, waistcoat and grand hat with an enormous feather. Dressing in the same type of costume made more of an impression when moving around the con then wearing something different.

The minute they exited the elevator the requests for pictures started. They’d move maybe three feet and were stopped again. Eventually they made it all the way down to the lower levels where the dealers’ rooms were. Orlando was looking for a T-shirt or two to commemorate the visit. This year’s Dragoncon shirt was a cool color so he picked up one of them and then wandered the stalls with Eric.

At the end of the third aisle was a utili-kilt booth. The small space was packed. Salesmen were moving swiftly from man to man measuring waists and selecting kilts in their size and color preference. Eric stopped to look at a basic black style with multiple pockets on the front. Eric held a bright blue one out to him and he took it. A kilt was not something that Orlando had ever considered. Where would he wear such a thing after the con? That, he didn’t know but this trip was all about being free and letting go so on with the kilt. The salesman took their selections and asked if they would return in an hour when the crowd thinned out. The pair agreed and wandered the rest of the room in search of things like pocky, a choice DVD or movie poster. Orlando found a Labyrinth poster and just had to have it. Jareth was serious hot! For Eric it was banana pookie for his sweet tooth and an obscure B horror movie that he’d been seeking for ages.

The two dutifully returned about an hour later and the change was amazing. It was nearing lunchtime and many had gone elsewhere in search of sustenance. The salesman invited them into the booth and started the measuring. He asked Eric to stand with his feet together, shoulders squared and eyes looking straight ahead. Since these were ready-made kilt he had no need to measure across the seat but he did check the length from waist to knee to make sure Eric didn’t select something too long or too short for his height. The salesman exchanged the kilt that Eric had picked out for one that hung a bit longer. He showed Eric how to wrap it properly and then guided him to the corner changing booth to remove his pants. He took off the pants, boots and waistcoat leaving only the shirt and kilt. Orlando was very surprised by how devastatingly sexy Eric looked in his new outfit. It was as if he had worn a kilt all his life.

That was just the encouragement Orlando needed to step up to the salesman when it was his turn. The blue lighter fabric was exchanged for a heavy black style with a reinforced front panel that was outlined with metal studs. It would look perfect with the full white shirt he had chosen not to wear that morning. After going through the same fitting as Eric, Orlando was standing outside the changing room in nothing but the pirate vest and the black kilt. He chuckled to himself when he thought of David’s reaction. His ex hated anything that suggested gay even the very manly and traditional kilt. David wasn’t exactly in the closet about his sexuality but he detested flamboyant. Why he picked Orlando was anyone’s guess. When they first met Orlando had just left the crowded dance floor of the local gay bar. He was wearing low, skin tight leather pants, short boots, a cropped top and eye makeup and was hanging all over some equally twinky male. Go figure.

Eric and Orlando purchased their kilts and headed back upstairs to drop off the packages. The rest of the day was spent roaming the other dealers’ rooms and getting a peek at the celebs in the Walk of Fame. Orlando drooled over the hotness, which was Luke Perry and took more than a few appraising peeks at Jonathan Frakes. He couldn't understand Eric's preoccupation with Lou Ferrigno. The man had muscles on top of his muscles. That was way too much bulk for him. Perhaps it was because Eric was a big guy himself. Like bodies stick together? Of course Eric also gave more than a passing glance at Virginia Hey and Claudia Christian so who knew which way Eric was heading tonight. The older man was an equal-opportunity lover.

They decided to pick up dinner before heading back to their room to change. They planned to sit in on night panel but wanted to do it in the comfort of jeans and T-shirts. As they walked the tunnel between the Hilton and Marriott a young man stopped two guys in kilts just in front of them. He handed both a flier and spoke to them excitedly before letting them go. The two men shrugged and continued walking. When they reached the tunnel exit they dropped the fliers on the floor completely missing the trashcan a mere six inches away. Orlando bristled at their carelessness and leaned over to retrieve the fliers. A picture of a kilt caught his attention so he kept one.

After ordering a burger and some fries, Orlando followed Eric to an open table. They decided on the first day that eating in the food court was much more entertaining than their room. It was one of the best places to people-watch. Eric was checking out a group of medieval knights when Orlando nudged him with his elbow. He held up the flier he snatched from the floor. It was announcing some kind of event where apparently men in kilts showed off for a mostly female audience while a girl blew their kilts up with a leaf blower. Eric chuckled. The things one could see and participate in at this con. He should introduce Orlando to a game of Werewolf before they left.

Eric resumed eating and people-watching but Orlando kept looking at the flier. He had come to this con to let go. Something he hadn’t been able to do in several years. He was here to get David and his manipulating ways of his head. Orlando had always been proud of his body and he got a certain amount of pleasure out of showing it off (before David) and………he had a kilt. So what was the problem? He should check this thing out. What was stopping him? It was that little annoying voice inside him that said that he was just personifying the gay stereotype. Funny thing is that little voice sounded alot like David. It told him that if he did this he’d come off as GAY (with much flapping of arms) or a slut and no one would take him seriously. He’d be just another pretty face but……… he had a life before David and no one considered him GAY (with much flapping of arms). The internal argument continued through the evening panel and the trip to the bar and right up until the moment he stripped down and crawled under the cool covers that night.

Nothing had changed by the time the alarm went except for the nagging headache he had from the alcohol he consumed while trying to drown out the voice in his head. If David were here right now Orlando would have a thing or two to say to him. That is if he could open his eyes wide enough to see him.

Orlando fumbled around the nightstand trying to find the switch to the alarm. His hand bumped against something sort of solid and almost knocked it to the floor. He grabbed the cylindrical object and dropped it on the bed and took another stab at the annoying alarm. He missed again and almost threw himself to the floor. Eric came to his rescue by tapping the snooze button.

Orlando signed in relief and pulled the sheet and comforter over his head to block out morning light. He stayed very still willing his brain to stop trying to force its way out of his head. Getting drunk hadn't helped. He still remembered the mental argument from last night but now he had the throbbing to deal with as well. The hell with it, he decided, and the hell with David. Orlando was not a slut. He was not a whore. He was a normal active gay man with normal desires. He was not a slacker. He had a decent job that he enjoyed and he loved life. He wasn't going to give that up to climb same insane corporate ladder and he didn't need anyone that insisted that he must. He would find someone who loved him for him and not what they could make him into.

With that line of thinking sort of clear in his slightly foggy head. He peeked out from under the covers. The room was a bit dimmer then it had been. It seemed that Eric had gotten up and closed the curtains before heading to the bathroom. Orlando could hear the soft hiss of the shower. That solid cylindrical object turned out to be a bottle of water also courtesy of Eric. What a sweet friend! It was too bad that Eric did nothing for him because he was prefect boyfriend material no matter whether you were male or female.

Orlando downed the water and a couple of pain pills and slowly swung his legs over the side of the bed. He rested his head in his hands until the room stopped swaying and then gradually straightened up. The noise of the shower stopped which meant that Eric would be out soon. A shower and some toast or cereal would do him a world of good. He had heard about this place called the Consuite where you could get something as simple as a bowl of cereal for free. All he needed to do is find it. It was rumored to be in the Hyatt Regency. That was just an elevator ride and one walkway from here. He could manage that.

Orlando thanked Eric for the bottle of water as he passed him at the bathroom doorway. Eric shrugged and finished wrapping his towel around his waist. Orlando stepped into the warm shower stall and started the water. For the longest time he just stood there letting the water flow over his body. He relaxed as the heated liquid loosened tight muscles and calms his thoughts. It was like the frustrations of yesterday sloughed off of him and flowed down the drain along with the dirt and perspiration. Showered and partially re-hydrated Orlando selected his outfit for the day. Last night's mental struggle had definitely decided it would be the kilt. Orlando deodorized his pits and slid the puffy pirate shirt over his head. He wasn't going to go completely traditional and where nothing under his kilt but it would be as little as possible. As a result he pulled on a bright red thong. It would keep everything in place but he would still feel the cloth of the kilt against his bare behind. It felt good if just a bit naughty. He wrapped and buckled the kilt over the shirt and then pulled on his combat boots. He considered whether to tie his hair back with a ribbon or let it free. Free won out in the end. Eric followed Orlando's example and donned his new kilt too. He wore an open leather vest to show off his muscular chest and metal and leather bands around his wrists. He opted for knee-high suede boots instead of something shorter.

The two gorgeous young men made quite an impression as they exited the elevator into the Marriott lobby. They were heading to the Hyatt in search of food but had to stop every few paces for photographs. Many a young lady and even a few young men sought them out for pictures. What surprised Orlando the most was the amount of groping involved. It seemed that their fellow con goers were as interested in feeling them up as taking their picture. One brazen young lady went so far as to slide her hand down the back of Orlando's thigh while posing with him. He didn't think she could deduce the type of under garments he was wearing due to the thickness of the cloth but she apparently made an educated guess if the wicked smirk was anything to go by. Orlando moved a bit quicker after that and was relieved to enter the walkover between the Marriott and Hyatt where there were large signs declaring the tunnel a "picture-free" zone. Eric and Orlando were soon safely tucked away in the corner of the breakfast buffet area. The consummation of protein and carbs calmed his rattled senses. They never did locate the Consuite.

With their bellies full and their minds mapping out how to occupy their day, they set off to cover every inch of the convention areas. They went to a movie panel first and then headed back to the Walk of Fame for another peek at the celebrities. They sneaked a couple of candid pictures when no one was looking and generally looked their fill. Orlando got a kick out of watching Eric compare his biceps to that of Kevin Sorbo. No comparison. Eric was much larger but then he worked at it religiously. Kevin probably only buffed up when a movie role called for it. Their celeb-watching completed they wandered back into the Marriott and down to the dealers' rooms for another look around. Orlando listened to a guy's spiel on the benefits of customized fangs for cosplayers while Eric moved down the aisle to examine the Celtic jewelry he’d seen while waiting for his kilt. There was a torc that caught his attention the day before. It was made of twisted bronze with ends shaped like fierce wolf heads. He thought it would look good with the kilt but the piece was pricey. Would he wear it enough to justify spending that much money? Orlando joined him, having declined the offer of a temporary fang fitting, in time to swayed Eric's mind into purchasing the torc. Eric forked over the required cash and settled the torc around the base of his throat. It was a good decision; the piece looked like it was made for him.

Eric and Orlando were just heading back up the escalators to the upper lobby of the Marriott when another young man in a kilt stopped them. He tried to tell them about the kilt blowing contest but was interrupted by con security for blocking the flow of traffic on the escalators. They were asked to take their conversation to a less crowded location.

The young man followed Eric and Orlando upstairs and guided them to a semi-quiet corner. Eric quickly refused the offer but Orlando stayed close to listen. He accepted the flier and promised he would think about it. The young man watched the two walk away and prayed that the one called Orlando would show up. If he didn’t miss his guess that one would be prefect for his lonely friend, Karl. Orlando was just the way Karl liked them - slim, a bit smaller than himself, somewhat adventurous and beautiful. Orlando got a check on every box.

Orlando kept glancing at the colorful flier as they made their way to the art exhibits on the lower floors of the Hyatt. It would be their last stop before getting some lunch and attending a panel on gay themes on Dr. Who. If he wanted to participate in this contest he was going to need a nap. The contest didn't start until 1am. The contestants were being asked to arrive at midnight to get signed in and find their place in line. Orlando was so preoccupied with his plans for the evening that he ran straight into a wall. Well, not a wall exactly but very big and solid. The wall ompfed which to Orlando's way of thinking didn’t seem right. He looked up and there was the loveliest pair of sea green eyes that he had ever beheld. A creased brow shielded the beautiful eyes and the whole vision was topped with a lush mane of brunette hair - straight not curly like his own. Orlando couldn't move. He was drowning in those eyes. Oh, and the lips. OMG the lips. Those kissable lips curved up in a gentle smile causing Orlando's legs to go all wobbly. The only thing that saved him from melting into a puddle of goo right there on the spot was Eric's firm grip hauling him toward the actual opening to the artist alley. Orlando mumbled an apology and stumbled after Eric.
'What a gorgeous man!' The sentiment came from both Orlando and the mysterious and very beautiful stranger. 'I hope we meet again' was their next joint response.

Orlando hardly noticed any of the artwork that Eric pointed out. He was back outside with his mystery man. Only his body was following his friend from booth to booth. After trying three times to get a response from his young friend concerning his opinion on an especially intense piece he gave up and lead Orlando to the food court in Peachtree Center. Perhaps some food would snap him out of it so they could finish checking out the other artists. Orlando nodded vaguely when Eric suggested sushi. The bigger man could have suggested eating from the dumpsters in the alley and Orlando would have agreed. The young man ate what was placed in front of him and chewed automatically. His mind was on a pair of gorgeous sea green eyes and lickable lips.

Then Eric said something that broke the spell. He said the word kilt. What about a kilt. The vision was wearing a kilt? Is that what Eric said? Orlando hadn't gotten any lower than the man's face. Could the beautiful stranger with the gorgeous eyes have been wearing a kilt? How lovely. How he wished he could see him again. Maybe he could return to the last place the stranger had been seen. Artist Alley, which’s where Orlando literally ran into him.
Orlando stuffed the remaining rice balls in his mouth and swallowed it all with a swig of iced tea. He had to go back to Artist Alley. He had to find Mr. Gorgeous with the beautiful eyes and the kissable, lickable mouth. Seeing nothing left on his tray he looked to Eric who was watching him with great amusement. Eric still had a piece of sushi on his tray and Orlando wondered why Eric was staring at him instead of eating. His rising confusion and irritated glare just broadened Eric's smile until he thrown back his head and laughed out loud. That just confused his young friend even more.

When Eric continued to snicker Orlando crumpled up his napkin, tossed it on the table between and shouted "What?” Eric just laughed and shook his head. He had never seen his friend like this before not even when he met David. It must be love or at least intense lust. Orlando didn't get rattled this much over strangers even gorgeous ones. The only cure was to return to the where they had seen the lovely vision in hopes that he might be working in the area. Eric didn't hold out much hope but it was a place to start. Maybe he should encourage Orlando to enter that contest tonight. The guy had been wearing a kilt and wearing it quite well so maybe there was a chance that he would be there. Now he had to get Orlando back to Artist Alley and failing that back to the their room for a much needed nap so that Orlando was at his best for tonight. The first one would be easy since Orlando was halfway to the trash can his garbage in hand. Eric dutifully followed his younger friend to the can and then back down the hall toward the lobby of the Hyatt and down stairs to Artist Alley.

Their search for Mr. Gorgeous proved fruitless but Eric did succeed in distracting Orlando long enough to point out a few exceptional pieces. Eric bought a small print of one and then they were off to the room. Eric guided Orlando to the bed and got his young friend to remove the shirt and kilt. He had to smile as Orlando's bare cheeks appeared. This was the Orlando he knew. The one who was bold, who took chances. Not the stuffy, uptight, barely out-of-the-closet person that Dave had tried to turn him into. Orlando curled up on his side facing away from Eric. The bigger man stood there for about 15 seconds and then pulled the blanket over his young friend. There was no way that Eric could relax with Orlando's naked profile staring him in the face.

Even with Orlando turned on his side Eric could tell that he was restless. Eric launched into a quiet dissertation about complex electrical circuits and Orlando eased off to sleep. Worked every time. Once the leg twitches and squirming stopped, Eric quieted and closed his eyes. He might not join in the festivities tonight but he would make sure that Orlando got where he needed to be and let Mr. Gorgeous take it from there. Eric just hoped he'd interpreted the look in the stranger's eye correctly because it certainly looked like interest to him. Orlando needed someone who would accept him as he was and let him fly when needed. Not someone who would clip his rainbow wings, cover that beautiful body with a suit of false respectable and deny his free spirit. Eric drifted to sleep with positive thoughts about the coming night.

The alarm that Eric set went off four hours later. He made his way to the shower for a cleanup. He figured he better get in there before Orlando because the younger man could spend hours trying to convince his long curly locks to behave. Eric thought they were very appealing hanging down Orlando's back with no adornment at all but Orlando never seemed to see it that way. His hair was always the bane of his existence. He threatened to cut it all off about every other week. That solution was only temporary because the curls would just grow back.

Eric finished his shower and stepped out to dry himself as Orlando wandered into the bathroom rubbing sleep-coated eyes and scratching himself. Eric mused that this was why men did better with other men because there were some things that women just didn't want to see and scratching ones ball was among the top ten. Eric squeezed the excess water from his hair and wrapped the towel around his waist. He left the room as Orlando relieved himself. The boy wasn't shy about anything.

Back in the bedroom, the two young men redressed in silence. Orlando didn't bother with a second shower. He wasn't the type to sweat much. He'd throw a bit of deodorizing powder in the cracks and cervices, swipe his pits with deodorant and dab on a splash of cologne. That would do.

The two rejoined the mobs and followed the crowds back to the mall for a quick bite. Eric talked Orlando into going to the panel on Andromeda since they missed it the day before. After wards they roamed the lobbies checking out the costumes. They stood at the bar for half an hour and watched one wookie, two Supermen, three Indiana Jones’s, and the cast from Space Balls parade by. Orlando was waiting for a partridge in a pear tree when the elevator behind them opened and out waddled an iron. A huge person-size iron. He didn't get it at first until he saw the face and distinctive blue circle of lights on the iron's "chest". Of course, Iron Man. He almost peed his kilt when the iron turned and he read Starch Enterprises on the handle. What imagination! That was brilliant.

Eric and Orlando meandered through the crowd that never seem to lessen. The people just rotated from the upper lobby to the lower lobby and then moved to another hotel while others took their place. Their wanderings eventually brought them back to the bar so they ordered another drink. Eric was a whiskey man but Orlando was strictly a beer drinker. He got hung over whenever he let Eric talk him into "tasting" whatever he was drinking. Half way through his beer Eric nudged him and pointed at his watch. It was going on midnight and that meant they needed to head back to the Hyatt. Orlando gulped down the remainder of his beer, left the bottle on the bar and followed Eric as he worked his way through the crowd.

About fifteen minutes and three photo ops later they were riding the escalator to the exhibit level of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. There was already a line down the hall and around the corner. Orlando was undecided as to which way to go when a hand landed on his shoulder. He looked around to see the young man that had handed him the flier earlier that day. He smiled brightly and gestured to both of them to follow him. Eric shook his head no and just pushed Orlando gently forward. "You go ahead. This is for you, not me. Enjoy yourself". Orlando was flabbergasted. He hadn't intended to go in alone. He wanted to step out but it had been a while. David had told him no so many times that he naturally suppressed his exhibitionist tendencies. Posing for a few dozen pictures was one thing. Shaking his thing in front of all those women was.......scary.

His escort sensed Orlando's nervousness and gently guided him away from the growing crowd of eager women. He took Orlando back into the area where the event would take place and introduced him to a couple of the other guys and then to Jennie, the young lady who wielded the leaf blower. She smiled and joked with him to calm his nerves. She could tell he would be a hit with the ladies. He was just adorable. The young guide whose name turned out to be Billy asked Orlando to fill in his basic information for their records. Orlando found a chair and wrote down his name, age and home address.

When he finished he looked around for Billy but his guide had moved out of sight probably to help others. He inched to the door leading into the stage area and peeked inside. The room was huge with neatly lined chairs extending back in the dim recesses of the room. The stage area was not the less bit dark. Bright lights illuminated every square inch of it.

The doubts rumbled to life and Orlando tamped them down. They were David's opinions, David's way of life not his. He was free to express himself and his sexuality as he pleased. He wasn't ashamed of his body. He was a gay man and proud of it.

A throat cleared behind him. Orlando swiveled on his heels in surprise. Hanging over him were those lovely sea green eyes. Orlando couldn't respond. He couldn't even breathe. The stranger smiled and Orlando ducked his head and returned the smile shyly. When he looked back up the eyes had darkened and the emotion lurking there took on a touch of desire.

The stranger extended his hand and said, "I'm Karl". Orlando smiled back. "Orlando" "You were the one that ran into me today." Orlando ducked his head again. Karl smiled and tipped Orlando chin up. "It is an experience that I wouldn't mind repeating" Orlando's insides melted. Of all his luck, the guy was gorgeous and gay. Orlando just stood there starring into the green pools with his chin resting on the strong fingers. He had no desire to be anywhere else.

Karl starred back. Taking in the rich melted chocolate eyes, the impossibly long lashes and full lips. The young man was exquisite even his nervousness was appealing. The bigger man had hoped upon hope that Orlando would come to the contest and come alone. Billy had said that another man had accompanied Orlando and Karl saw for himself that Orlando's companion, who was equally attractive, stayed close by his side. Could they be together or just friends? Karl certainly hoped for the latter.

Another throat clearing was heard. This time it was Billy letting Karl know that he needed him. Not that he minded watching Karl woo his newest beauty but they had a contest to organize and he needed Karl’s influence with the crowd to keep the guys in order. Karl was big enough that most guys were less likely to flex their egos when told to behave. The men that participated in this event were often tempted to push it past what the convention would consider acceptable even for a late night activity. Karl and Billy didn’t want to see Jennie in trouble. This event was allowed by the convention because it was all in good fun and the men just teased. Nothing came off except shirts and all the participants were supposed to be wearing some kind of underwear or at least a jockstrap.

Karl tilted his head toward Billy finally breaking eye contact. The hand that had caressed the young man chin slid down to his waist and held him in place while Karl assured Billy that everything was okay. The conversation was brief and accomplished in hushed tones. Billy moved off to make sure that everyone had finished his forms and Karl turned his attention back to the young man.

"It's time to start. I want to find the right place in line for you. Don't want to put you out there too soon or make you wait until the end." Orlando was thinking that Karl could put him wherever he wanted. Karl smiled at him and Orlando realized that he had said that out loud. The color crept up his cheeks and Karl just kept smiling. "Come on."
Karl led Orlando down the hall and inserted him between two men. One in front was average and the other quite attractive in a rugged sort of way. Karl explained that he helped Billy and Jennie keep the contest running and also appeared on stage. He indicated that he would be at the end and that after they were finished here he wanted to spend some time with Orlando if the young man agreed. Orlando was all for that. He was captivated but the large attractive man. Karl had beautiful brunette hair that hung to his waist. It was straight and looked like silk. Orlando was dying to run his fingers through it. He imagined holding it in his fists as Karl pushed into him. Orlando blushed. He was letting his libido sprint ahead of him. He needs to calm himself down or the heavy panel on the front of his kilt wasn't going to hide his condition. He concentrated on the whole package instead of just Karl's face and a nice package it was. 'Mustn't think package' That was dangerous territory. Karl was broad at the shoulders and narrow at the hip. He was wearing a dark T-shirt and a beautiful black kilt with wide electric blue stripes on it and a matching blue flogger. Wow, why hadn't he noticed that before? Karl flicked it a guy up in the front of the line who was getting carried away threatening to flash the audience. Karl made him prove he was wearing underwear and then let him on stage. Karl didn't seem to mind if a few of the participants were a bit more risqué than the others. It all evened out and it was just for fun.

The men disappeared one by one into the other room. Their disappearance was always accentuated by joyous screams and catcalls especially those who came in costume. There was a Snape, an Indiana Jones Boba Fett and a Starfleet officer. Oh, and of course a Jareth. He got the second loudest screams behind the Snape. Then it was his turn. Karl had come back to him several times while participants were on stage just to reassure him. One time he asked if Orlando would be willing to remove his shirt on stage. Of course he told Orlando that it was Jennie's idea. There would have been a time when the younger man would have whipped it off in a heartbeat but now those same background voices piped in. The ones that sounded like David's disapproving hiss when he wore something too bright or tight. The murmured caustic jabs about flamboyant fairies. Would he ever be free of him? Suddenly he realized that Karl was still standing there looking at him. The concern was clear. Orlando raised his chin and squared his shoulders and look directly into Karl's eyes. "I'll do it," he said with the greatest of confidence. There was no way he was going to put aside the past if he didn't move forward. Karl grinned brightly at him and squeezed his arm gently and returned to stand with the next man up.

Then it was Orlando turn. Karl whispered sweet sentiments in his ear and pushed him firmly toward the door. Billy opened the door and Orlando stepped through. He didn't look directly at the crowd but walked boldly up onto the stage and stopped to strike a pose. Jennie stood off to the side with the leaf blower resting comfortably in her hands and looked him up and down. He truly was beautiful. The ladies were going to love him. Too bad he was gay. The good ones always were. Jennie shrugged then leered and pointed the blower at Orlando's kilt. One short blast fluttered the edges. Orlando widened his stance a bit and flipped his hair over his shoulders. The curly locks reached to the middle of his arched back.

Jennie lowered the blower and danced over to him. She whispered in his ear that he was gorgeous and she hoped that he and Karl hit it off then he asked him to remove his shirt. Orlando played it up well. He appeared to look shocked and then considered it and then ever so slowly pulled the fabric loose from the waistband of the kilt and inch it up his chest. The ladies screamed and Jennie put her hand over her mouth very dramatically. The shirt lifted free of his body and sailed across the stage to the ecstatic cries of the audience. Orlando was just preparing himself for the full on slot of the blower when Karl stepped onto the stage. He was carrying a small vial of pale liquid. The bigger man stepped close to Orlando and dripped a bit of it onto his own wrist. Orlando watched from carefully as he lifted the coated wrist to his lips and licking the skin clean. It tasted of honey and something else. He suspected Karl. Definitely a favorite flavor in the making. He took the vial from Karl and sipped just a few drops. Karl's eyes darkened and Orlando stood his ground. He wanted the bigger man to know he was interested. If not for the room whole of people he would have been tempted to upend the whole lot onto his bare chest and let Karl lick it off. The thought of Karl’s warm lips teasing his flesh jangled his nerves and pebbled the skin around his nipples. The ladies screamed and called out to them and Karl touched him lightly on the chest and moved away.

Jennie stood mesmerized by the two beautiful men. It seemed a shame to interrupt but the sooner they finished the sooner Karl could be alone with his soon-to-be lover. She lifted the blower and called to the audience who responded wholeheartedly. Orlando kept one hand on the front of his kilt while Jennie moved around him lifting his kilt and then fluttering his hair. Orlando forgot completely about the audience and simply swayed and arched in a way that he thought would excite Karl. The ladies did matter anymore. Jennie didn't matter. He was up there for Karl and only Karl.

When Jennie lower the blower Orlando bowed and exited the stage. He scooped up his shirt and joined the growing crowd of men at the front of the room. Several others took their turn on stage and then it was Karl's turn. He strutted up and took his place center stage. The blue flogger he held firmly in his right hand. He joked with Jennie and played at swatting a couple of the men who jumped on stage for a spanking. Then he and Jennie did their routine. He posed and she blew. Orlando's eyes never left him. He watched as Karl tore off his T-shirt to reveal a chest covered with fine hair. Oh, how Orlando's fingers itched to touch.

When Karl's time ended Orlando gasped. He didn't realize that he had been holding his breath through the entire performance. Jennie set the blower down and turned to invite all the participants back on stage for a final bow and a photo op. Orlando was one of first to return rushing to secure a place at Karl's side. The group pressed close and more men joined them making it easier to mold himself to Karl’s side. That was fine with him. Orlando stood with the others and posed for pictures. He was pleased with himself for going through with this. He was grateful to Eric for bringing him. He was happy that Karl's hand was groping his butt. He was especially happy about the groping.

Suddenly fingers wrapped around his chin and his head was tilted back. Warm lips touched his and a tongue flicked over the seam then was gone. Orlando opened his eyes, which had slid closed at Karl's touch and gazed at the man that he was quickly falling for. He felt an intense need to tell Karl exactly what he was feeling and short of ripping off his clothes and climbing Karl like a tree he moved closer. "If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right." Before he could finish the final syllable his lips smashed into Karl's and he threw his arm around the big man's shoulders and hung on. The kiss went on and on until the need for air forced them apart. The crowd cheered and called their encouragement for more but Orlando and Karl didn't hear any of it. In their minds they were already naked in Karl's bed moving to the gentle rhythm of two souls who were always meant to be together. Karl would let Orlando be himself tonight and every night to come as long as the young man would have him.

The End


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Sep. 27th, 2010 01:36 am (UTC)
Loved it!
Sep. 27th, 2010 05:55 pm (UTC)
Thank you. *hugs* I wasn't sure about leaving out the hot sex at the end but it seemed that the sex was inevitable.
Sep. 27th, 2010 08:53 am (UTC)
Woo Hoo! Fabulous story, hon! I loved Orlando's struggle to be free of the constraints that David put on him and how he eventually succeeded. I'm sure he and Karl will be a HUGE hit at all future Dragoncon events. *g*
Sep. 27th, 2010 06:02 pm (UTC)
I'm sure that they will be regular fixtures from now on. I found pictures of "Karl" from last year but sadly he was by himself. Do know think they'd mind if we nicknamed them "Orlando" and "Karl" if we keep it a secret?

Thank you so much for the picture. Do you think it would be better larger so people can really see it? They should be able to appreciate the work put into it.
Sep. 27th, 2010 09:52 pm (UTC)
*g* I think we could totally call them 'Orlando' and 'Karl' and get away with it. ;)

I don't think you need to make it large. If people want to see the larger version, they just need to click on through. The best banners don't look like they've had a lot of work put into them, so I'm thrilled if people just think it looks like a photo. ;)
Sep. 27th, 2010 08:12 pm (UTC)
That was just wonderful hun!
I had to giggle here and there, and I loved how Orlando finally won the argument with David in his head so he was free to give it a go with Karl.

This makes me want to go to a dragoncon... *g*
Thanks for sharing!
Sep. 27th, 2010 08:20 pm (UTC)
Some of the events weren't made up. I just imagined what the con would look like through Orlando and Eric's eyes.

Dragoncon is worth the trip if you live in the states or are planning a trip to the Atlanta area the first of September. My daughter and I have been going for four years and it just gets better and better.
Sep. 27th, 2010 08:26 pm (UTC)
And you managed beautifully!

I'll need to save money for a few years, but it sounds so interesting... If I ever win the lottery I'm sure to come over! *G*
Sep. 27th, 2010 08:27 pm (UTC)
Wonderful description of the convention - to vividly described - it was as if I was there! :)

Sep. 27th, 2010 11:25 pm (UTC)
I'm glad that came through. I wanted the reader to see the con through Orlando and Eric's eyes.

Hopefully his feelings can through as clearly.
Sep. 28th, 2010 01:08 am (UTC)
Did i ever mention that i used to have a bit of a kilt kink? That right there is pretty much why! :-D So much sexy! I'm glad Orlando got away from stuffy old David and found himself a perfectly lovely Karl!

Oh, and... promptly found this right after reading... no idea how that coulda happened.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VwYDgXG1uI

Edited at 2010-09-28 01:13 am (UTC)
Sep. 28th, 2010 02:27 am (UTC)
Love it! I guess you can guess who was who. Prince Charming, huh. Sounds right. Too bad the filmer was too busy filming the guys going on stage and missed the first kiss. Are they hot or what?

Kilts are hot.
Sep. 28th, 2010 02:31 am (UTC)
Daaaamn! I was just gonna look at it to get an idea of what goes on, then i realized, "heck, she described this perfectly!" And when Mr. Charming stepped up... *THUD* So i watched to the end, and... OMFG... you didn't make that up! Wow! Talk about inspiration! :-D
Sep. 28th, 2010 02:55 am (UTC)
This is what I'm saying. These guys wrote it for me. I just add an imagined background and Voila!

Thank you for the link and the nice comments. Daughter didn't have any pictures of the kiss and I hoped I remembered it right.
Sep. 28th, 2010 03:26 am (UTC)
You not only remembered it right, you wrote it perfectly! Thank you for sharing!
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